Customer Centric

Driven by our customer centric approach, we seek to achieve the highest results and meet what our customer needs the way they need it, when they need it, where they need it.


Investing heavily in innovation and integrating new technologies, we create customer centric solutions to achieve the needed impact and bring tomorrow’s solution’s to our customers today.


In tracking orders with optimized delivery services that are integrated with innovative technology. And with the best professional practices of international logistics.

Operational Excellence

With our experience, expertise, and best practices, we provide the most resilient, flexible, and efficient operation that gives you a competitive advantage.

Accuracy and Commitment

Achieving this combination with skills, transparency, continuous improvement, and a team of elite personnel.


AQ provides the fastest and highest value services through people with the utmost experience in the business.

Who We Are

When you choose AQ International, you get access to industry leading services.

Established with a strategic goal of creating a smooth and swift logistics experience for the clients, AQ International provides prestigious services and has become of the trusted and reliable logistics leaders in the market. Our services boost the clients’ achievement and productivity across their functional areas including order management, transportation, physical distribution, and supply chain. Today, our vision is to be the most reliable and trusted service provider, offering a broad spectrum of related services while committing to serving and delivering excellence and deliver the clients’ needs.

Our CEO Statment

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